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Representatives of industry, national and international press are welcome to the SEMICON Russia exhibition, programs and related events. SEMICON Russia is the largest event in Russia on semiconductor manufacturing and related technologies.

Press Releases

01 July 2015

Russia Market Remains Robust ─ Latest Market Developments Showcased at SEMICON Russia 2015

Over 1,400 professionals convened at SEMICON Russia this year (16-18 June), demonstrating that market interest and business opportunities in Russia remain strong. SEMI in Moscow continues to extend the program of the main microelectronic Forum in Russia, with over 90 speakers. 2015 novelties included a new program and exhibition zone targeting startups, and a session dedicated to Russia-Taiwan cooperation, alongside traditional technology programs on Smart Systems and Optoelectronics.
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22 April 2015

SEMICON Russia 2015 TechARENA Sessions: Learn about Smart Systems and Semiconductor Optoelectronics

On the first day of the exhibition, 17 June, TechARENA will present its premier conference — the “Smart Systems” session, which will provide an overview of global developments, future applications and markets. The session will focus on building successful cooperation with the Russian companies and funding possibilities, including the situation in the Russian high-tech industry and their challenges and chances.  The Smart Systems Session will unite specialists both from Russia and Europe, creating a unique platform for attendees from all over the world. 

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30 March 2015

Micro-Electronics business-opportunities in Russia

Reforms to revitalize the Russian industry will continue and create investment opportunities, despite the current circumstances.
An important development was the adoption of the law “On Industrial Policy in the Russian Federation”, that was signed by Vladimir Putin at the end of the 2014. An integral part of the bill by the Ministry of Industry and Trade is the availability of state support for developing and manufacturing competitive products within Russia, both for domestic companies and for international consortia.
There is also a new approach towards investor relations in the regions of Russia. The aim is to improve the conditions for new integrated investments and thereby build-up complete supplychains based on local competences and to create innovative clusters and special economic zones to provide them support.
According to the annual survey of the foreign direct investment conducted by AT Kearney, more than half of the world's top business leaders, managing the companies with annual revenues in excess of 500 million dollars, had expressed their desire to return to Russia after the end of sanctions this year.. SEMICON Russia will address all these aspects and providing an overview on the market situation, trends and requirements to do business short and long-term.

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02 March 2015

SEMICON Russia 2015 – Presents Microelectronics Market Conference and New TechARENA Sessions

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10 June 2015

SEMICON Russia 2015 starts in 6 days - View highlights

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03 June 2015

SEMICON Russia 2015 - View the programs highlights

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21 May 2015

New SEMICON Russia highlights - The StartupZONE

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07 May 2015

SEMICON Russia - your connection to the Russian High-Tech Industry!

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22 April 2015

Smart Systems Session at SEMICON Russia - Register Now!

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Press Registration

SEMI accredited press representatives have access to all public conferences and proceedings.
Please contact: daria.shaposhnikova@businessmediarussia.ru

Press Contact

For any press related inquiries please contact Daria Shaposhnikova.
Email: daria.shaposhnikova@businessmediarussia.ru

Tel: +7 495 649 6911
Mob.: +7 926 012 17 59

SEMICON Russia Media Accreditation

SEMICON Russia features highly technical content specific to the manufacture of microelectronics including semiconductors, MEMS, and photovoltaics. Due to the nature of this content and due to the high number of requests we receive for media accreditation, SEMI will only accredit journalists acting in an editorial capacity in fields specifically related to the semiconductor equipment and materials and microelectronics manufacturing industries.

As a service to SEMICON exhibitors, SEMI provides media accreditation to members of the working press. Accredited persons will have free access to the exposition, the working press room and to scheduled press conferences solely for the purposes of reporting on the semiconductor equipment and materials industry, industry news events, new products, business development, and other news associated with SEMI expositions.

Accreditation will be granted to those acting in an editorial capacity for relevant publications or news organizations. SEMI will not accredit publishers or associate publishers, sales, advertising, PR, marketing, technical support staff, consultants and exhibiting company personnel.

Applicants for accreditation, who show official documents (original) of membership of a recognized press organizations, associations or federations may be required to show proof of professional status, including a business card with an editorial title or publication masthead, in case it is not apparent that they act in an editorial position or/and report in one of the fields as stated above.

Other applicants must show a business card and may also be requested to show an editorial title and a current masthead including their names.

These rules apply to reporters from industry trade publications, business magazines and newspapers, internationally recognized magazines/newspapers/newsletters produced by industry associations, broadcast reporters and producers.

Persons issued press credentials are prohibited from advertising sales while at SEMICON Russia. Press credentials will be revoked for anyone engaged in sales or solicitation activities.

Specific rules

Freelance journalists or writers must provide an original letter of assignment and two bylined articles published within the last six months. Those who freelance occasionally and are employed by non-news organizations are not eligible for media credentials. Authors must be under current contract and provide an original letter from their publisher.

Journalists or editors on-line, i.e. journalists or editors form internet-based, newsletter or solicited-article publications can be accredited if they report for the ‘on-line section’ of a recognized or well established ‘paper’ publication already accredited according to the present rules. Others must provide proof of a direct editorial coverage of the semiconductor equipment or materials industry or related technology to be considered for eligibility.

Market research staff and analysts can be accredited if they write for internationally recognized market research journals on a consistent basis. They must produce a business card and may be requested to provide articles published within the last six months.

Camera/sound crews must provide broadcast station ID.

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